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Vibrational Medicine Workshops using ColorWorks®

An introduction to Conklin Method Healing Within®  ColorWorks®



Workshop participant goals:

• How to increase your intuitive skills
• How to TRUST & use your intuitive abilities
• Recognizing blocked energy within the body
• How spiritual, psychological or emotional events create blockage
• How to use ColorWorks to release blocked energy
• Learn skills that are beneficial for healing yourself, or for facilitating healing in

   clients that need assistance and empowerment.  Remember all illness and dis-ease

   begins with an emotional, spiritual, or psychological event that must be released

   before true healing can take place.


This life changing course is designed to be comfortable and challenging for all levels of skill, awareness and development!

This is a ‘hands on’ workshop.  Wear comfortable clothing.


Call to organize or attend a 1 Day, Healing Within Workshop about Vibrational Medicine.          Hours: 10:00 am - 4:30 pm          Cost: $125.00 per person.





developed by Patti Conklin, MHt, PhD., Medical Intuitive


Vibrational Medicine begins with scientific fact – everything in our world is vibrating at it’s own rate of speed, or frequency.  When our body becomes painful or dis-eased for any number of reasons including genetic predisposition, extended periods of stress or physical damage, that part of our body is affected – and then vibrates at a different, usually slower, rate of speed no longer in harmony with our personal norm.

The natural healing ability of the body (within the subconscious mind) usually responds extremely well to specific instruction or re-direction.  Colour has an infinite range of tones, each colour containing active vibration.  The experience of directing your body's internal wellness with ColorWorks can be remarkable!

ColorWorks uses the limitless range of colour along with guided visualization to make an immediate and often very noticeable difference for clients.  I have personally witnessed some very impressive changes occur for people who have experienced the peaceful visualization process of ColorWorks.

The ColorWorks CD is available through the bookstore page.  An instruction sheet with more detailed information is included with the CD.

Please call to discuss ColorWorks to understand how to customize the process for yourself.  See how vibrational wellness can help you make changes you desire!



EFT Practitioner Training or Private Sessions are most valuable done with Janice Smylie CCHt, REIKI II, NLP, TFT, expert EFT Trainer & Practitioner:

Janice has been using EFT since 2003 and teaching EFT since 2004.  She has attended four major training events and has done personal work with Gary Craig, Founder of EFT, a Borrowing Benefits Conference, two EFT Conferences on Serious Diseases, and she was invited to be part of a Masters training program. Janice studied the original 100's of hours of training, ongoing training series, the Art of Delivery, attended many conferences and workshops: Steve Wells and Dr. David Lake (the boys from down under) and Paula Dale Teplitz (from Gary's training videos) to name a few.  Janice's EFT training and her background with EFT is substantial.  The TFT Boot Camp { Thought Field Therapy } upon which EFT is based, is also a part of her training.

Contact: (403) 710-4443  
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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is classified as Energy Psychology.  Promising clinical studies
showing effectiveness of EFT have been published across a range of issues.  EFT, developed in 1995, is still considered 'new' by Western medicine.
Please only use EFT / Meridian Tapping if you are willing and able to be responsible for yourself and your use of EFT.

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