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Conklin Method® of Cellular Cleansing Improves your Health



Even if you did have a ‘happy’ childhood, it is almost certain that right now your subconscious mind is actively limiting your physical and emotional health… but there IS something you can do about it!


Appreciate the perfection you already are.  Your body is an amazing healing machine.  When you were born, you knew how to heal yourself.  No one taught you.  You could heal a cut, or mend a broken bone.  Stitches or a cast do not cause healing to begin.  Your healing response is part of your cellular memory.  Reproduction of perfect cells is in your cellular memory.


Why do we need Cellular Cleansing?  Throughout your lifetime, your body has kept a perfect copy of your every word, thought and emotion.  They are stored in your cellular memory.  As a result, you have become what you say, think and feel.  Over time, many layers of emotional memories developed into blockages, interrupting your body’s flow of subtle energy, weakening your immune system.


Your body’s cells are always in one of two modes, grow or protect.  To continue good health, cells need to reproduce in grow mode.  When in fight or flight response, adrenaline/chemical surges switch your cells into protect mode.  When you speak “Aunt Zelda has Cancer, and she may die”… you have unconsciously created an emotional roadblock for yourself.  Your subconscious mind cannot distinguish between your hopes and your fears, the past or the present, or internal and external sources.  Everything you say (or think) is real, is happening now, and it is all about you... your body absorbs the words ‘Cancer’ and ‘die’ and processes their emotional impact in protect mode as though YOU are in danger… and your body has processed in this manner since your childhood!


Why me?  You and I have virus and cancer cells in our bodies.  We have genetic predispositions.  What activates these and other dis-eases?  It is your beliefs that govern your health.


Your ability to set and maintain healthy perceptions is the key to your physical and emotional wellness.  How you see, feel, and digest, literally absorb into your cells, is your perception of your life, and your perception is within your control to change.


Your mind and body are not separate… your beliefs and every emotional word you have spoken regarding anyone’s life have ALL been absorbed inside YOU… into your cellular memory… increasing your vulnerability to dis-eases becoming active, and slowing your natural recovery response once a dis-ease process has begun.



      Make better choices.

1.  Be aware of your beliefs and the power of your choice of words.

2.  Change your perception.  Focus on the positive aspects of any situation.  What have I learned?

3.  Remove thought patterns that are not to your emotional benefit, including the unknown fears/outdated self-protection programs which are currently running in your subconscious mind, through cellular cleansing.



What are the benefits of Cellular Cleansing?


This powerful NLP-style guided meditation helps to rebalance left/right brain function.  The wonderful thing about this process is that it is unnecessary for you to deal with old memories.  You don't have to consciously remember anything because your body has all the knowledge to access every memory.  You keep the memories of your life, but you release the painful emotions - allowing healthy growth to occur. 


A very effective healing and rebalancing process following Cellular Cleansing for the next 30 days.  This short and powerful visualization process programs your body to automatically forgive, filter, and release on a daily basis so you no longer store emotional and energetic blockages.  A notable shift in physical wellness is experienced by the majority of clients after choosing the Conklin Method® of Cellular Cleansing.  Clients have found this to be a wonderful way to let go of their past issues, improving their lives today.  You too, can gain a whole new way of looking at life after Cellular Cleansing!


Conklin Method® Cellular Cleansing

Prices are as follows:


One person:

 $ 1,000


 $   850  per person, a savings of $150. each.

Three or more:

 $   750  per person, a savings of $250. each.

Length: 2 consecutive days.  Scheduling is usually,  Day 1:  1:00 pm - 5:00 pm   &   Day 2:  10:00 am - 4:00 pm


EFT Practitioner Training or Private Sessions are most valuable done with Janice Smylie CCHt, REIKI II, NLP, TFT, expert EFT Trainer & Practitioner:

Janice has been using EFT since 2003 and teaching EFT since 2004.  She has attended four major training events and has done personal work with Gary Craig, Founder of EFT, a Borrowing Benefits Conference, two EFT Conferences on Serious Diseases, and she was invited to be part of a Masters training program. Janice studied the original 100's of hours of training, ongoing training series, the Art of Delivery, attended many conferences and workshops: Steve Wells and Dr. David Lake (the boys from down under) and Paula Dale Teplitz (from Gary's training videos) to name a few.  Janice's EFT training and her background with EFT is substantial.  The TFT Boot Camp { Thought Field Therapy } upon which EFT is based, is also a part of her training.

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